New Pro Style Release feat Delilah vs Vulcana in 1541-Rookies Have NO Respect!

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Delilah Doom is back and ready to break in Vulcana in her very first customs match!  And Delilah has already heard stories about the disrespect Vulcana has for her. Time to teach a rookie about respect or does the rookie claim a disrespectful victory over our vivacious perky veteran?

1541-Rookies Have No Respect – Female Pro Wrestling

Delilah Doom vs Vulcana

The sultry masked Vulcana is new on the circuit, in fact this is her very first customs match ever!  She is impatiently awaiting the cute vivacious Delilah Doom, who is the lucky wrestling to pop Vulcana custom cherry, so to speak! But it seems the longer she waits the more foul mood her temper is becoming.  Delilah shows up and saunters up to Vulcana demanding to know why a green girl rookie like her is already talking trash and has a such a negative attitude? The match starts hot and both girls vie for supremacy over the other.  Delilah is the veteran in this match and it shows as she continuously foils Vulcanas heel like tactics! Though Delilah is such a good two shoes babyface, she just isn’t going to follow Vulcanas lead and remains a true fair wrestler! She can definitely outwrestle the more inexperienced though ego driven Vulcana, but does she have what it takes to get the win, or does she trust a little too much in Vulcana keeping this a fair fight?  Find out in LGW’s “ 1541-Rookies Have No Respect – Female Pro Wrestling

Time Limit ~ 11 min          Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters

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