New Pro Style Match – Ray Lyn vs Cami in Perky Meets Perturbed!

Hello Wrestling Fans!

We have a new Female Pro Wrestling match just for you!  In the perky, over the top energy of Pro Wrestler RayLyn McAwesome vs the somber, perturbed one half of the Twisted Sisters tag team Cami Fields!  These 2 girls will never be friends, maybe frenemies, but never BFF’s in LGW’s latest release ” 1549-Perky Meets Perturbed – Female Pro Wrestling ….check it out!

1549-Perky Meets Perturbed – Female Pro Wrestling

Featuring Raylyn McAwesome vs Cami Fields

It’s not too often that we get 2 amazing pro wrestlers in the Lucha Girls ring.  But with two totally different outlooks on life. We have the perkilicious, twerkilicious sassiness of Raylyn McAwesome versus the more serious, perturbed somber Cami Fields.  This match is like oil meeting water straight from the start. Raylyn is already in the ring spreading her glowing colorful attitude all around, when like a dark stormy cloud, Cami Fields dampens the happy go lucky aura of the ring.  After a few words are exchanged, the match begins and is action packed from beginning to end with hold to hold maneuvers, blow to blow pro wrestling moves and submissions and a whole lot of attitude and snarky comments from both of our strong sexy fighters.  If you want a piece of this hot female pro wrestling action, then download LGW’s “ 1549-Perky Meets Perturbed – Female Pro Wrestling “ grab a cold one, sit back and enjoy the show of Raylyn & Cami fighting it out just for you!

Time Limit ~ 11 min          Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters

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