New Pro Style Match – 1499-Bitch Im the Best!

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Heather Monroe is on top of her game.  Vulcana is the determined rookie who thinks she can take the blonde bombshell on.  Heather just wants to prove to her that “Bitch, I’m the Best…there is, was and ever will be!”

1499-Bitch, I’m The Best – Female Pro Wrestling

Heather Monroe vs Vulcana

The masked Vulcana is really starting to make a name for herself at Lucha Girls and also a reputation for being overly confident and a somewhat cocky wrestler.  But does she have the experience to back up all her arrogance in the ring? Blonde bombshell Heather Monroe is just not that impressed with Vulcana and the reputation that proceeds her and decides to meet her in the LGW ring for a little lesson in humility.  The match starts, with each girl testing the others strength and weakness. So far, it seems that Vulcana can go toe to toe with our more seasoned veteran Heather. It appears that even though Vulcana may appear to be disheveled rookie in ripped up fishnets, this bitch just might know a thing or two about wrestling.  Our blonde bar just might have to dig deep and really bring out her wrestling prowess. Heather starts taunting and Vulcana around the ring, even putting her in painful body scissors. Vulcana is no quitter and keeps trying to fight back, even getting a few reversals in and trying to break our glamorous blonde bombshell.  But Heather knows how to give receipts and gives it back in a manner that leaves Vulcana painfully stretched out and moaning in pain. This is turning into a little por style catty match as both girls try to get the best of the other. Heather gains the upper hand and goes for the pin, but at the last minute, pulls Vulcana out of the pin by her lovely brown hair, desiring to hand out more of a beat down to the masked chica.  At this point, Vulcana knows that she has to use every trick in her arsenal to beat this sexy veteran. She tries to go for a roll up and though it seems like she just may win with a schoolgirl pin, but Heather is no inexperienced rookie and goes for the reversal, slamming Vulcana into a painful submission. Does Vulcana break the pin and get the win or does Heather just break this bitch, proving to Vulcana that “I’m the Best Bitch” Download LGWs 1499-Im the Best Bitch – Female Pro Wrestling and find out.

Time Limit ~ 11 min Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters

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