New Piledriver Release – Piledriver Perversions 23!!!

Hello Piledriver Lovers!

In this release of Piledriver Perversions 23 ~ Piledriving Sarah, Jezabel takes advantage of the sweet unsuspecting innocence of Sarah Brooke in what turns out to be a multiple piledriving and submission squeezing & fondling reunion that Sarah will not soon forget!

1485-Piledriver Perversions 23 ~ Piledriving Sarah

Jezabel Romo vs Sarah Brooke

Jezabel is working out in her hotel room when she receives a phone call.  This isnt just any phone call, this is a real blast from the past type of call.  Her old sensual party partner in crime Sarah Brookes is calling and wants to see Jezabel.  They talk for a bit and make plans to get together. Jezabel starts reminiscing about the past and Sarah’s cute little body to be more exact and gets excited about tonight!  Upon meeting up, Jezabel is disappointed by a more conservative, straight laced attitude Sarah. Especially when Sarah starts talking about her new boyfriend and doesn’t want a reunion with Jezabel, she wants Jezabel to train her in pro wrestling to impress her new beau! Jezabel, jealous and quite turned off by this “new attitude” Sarah begrudgingly agrees to train her.  Poor Sarah doesn’t seem to remember just how vindictive Jezabel can be. Jezabel says “Let’s start with submission holds” and suddenly grabs an unsuspecting Sarah from behind. Sliding her arms around Sarah’s upper shoulders and higher starts to squeeze unmercifully. Sarah tries to fight it, but soon her eyes rolls back and soon lays and vulnerable in Jezabels arms.  Jezabel brings her around and really starts to have fun with Sarah. She fondles, gropes and suggestively rubs all over her body. But thats just the beginning! Jezabel really wants Sarah to remember this reunion and starts to give her multiple piledrivers in between her perverse squeezing & handling of Sarah’s unsuspecting innocent body. Just how much can Sarah take?  Find out in LGW’s 1485-Piledriver Perversions 23 ~ Piledriving Sarah today!

Time Limit ~ 9 min Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters