New Piledriver match – Jezabel vs Sarah Brooke

1573-Piledriver Perversions 22 – Reuniting Sarah

feat Jezabel Romo vs Sarah Brooke

Jezabel is working out at the dojo and feeling a bit lonely.  She gets a call from the past in the sexy form of Sarah Brooke.  Jezabel and Sarah have an steamy past and Jezabel thinks that this is the perfect time for a reuniting with Sarah.  As she is waiting and getting more and more excited about this reunion rendezvous, she starts thinking the of the sensual past they used to share.  When Sarah shows up, she has a whole other thought process in mind. She has a new boyfriend, who is a pro wrestler and Sarah wants Jezabel to teach her to wrestle.  That’s it, nothing more! Jezabel, upon hearing this, is furious! All her plans just went out the window, so to speak, with Sarah’s “good news” But Jezabel, being a pro, thinks to herself, “ok Sarah just wants me to teach her how to wrestle for her new boyfriend, then that’s what she will learn, the mind blowing piledriver!”  Getting a bit more of a vindictive mindframe, Jezabel sets out to give Sarah a wrestling lesson she won’t soon forget….or with repeated piledrivers pounding her pretty lil head into the match, maybe she will forget. Why not have a bit of fun with Sarah’s sexy body, and Jezabel finds a way to turn this one sided multiple piledriver match into a forum of sensual gropes, fondles and grabs, all the while delivering the brutality of the piledriver to this inexperienced naive girl who just wants to impress her new boyfriend. Will Sarah survive this punishment of a rejected woman?  Download LGW’s “1573-Piledriver Perversions 22- Reuniting Sarah and find out!

Time Limit ~ 11 min                    Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters

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