New Nude Wrestling Match – 1538-Facesittin’ Floozies 2 – Jezabel vs Sarah

Happy Weekend Lucha Girls Fans!

We are happy to shed the stress of the week and our clothes in this next sassy fight! Jezabel meets debuting fetish model Sarah Brooke and is determined to show this lil sweet ass just what its like to do more than just look cute, its time to fight….a facesittin’ fight to be exact in 1538-Facesittin Floozies 2 – Nude Catfight

1538-Facesittin’ Floozies 2 – Nude Catfight

Jezabel Romo vs Sarah Brooke

Jezabel is in the ring awaiting the arrival of first timer to Lucha Girls, Sarah Brooke.  Now this girl may be known throughout the bondage and fetish modeling world, but she thinks she has what it takes to make it in the LGW ring?  Jezabel is about to show her that it takes more than a cute face and toned body to be a Lucha Girls wrestler! In a rare moment of empathy, Jezabel decides to give her a match within Sarah’s comfort zone……a fetishy facesitting match….in the nude….wearing only thigh high fishnets and nothing else!  Even this is out of Jezabels norm, but what the fuck, she decides, let’s do this! The match starts off with both girls trying to prove their strength and prowess but soon Sarah’s realizes that Jezabel is no dingbat model and actually can move her cougar aged ass quite well, in fact, Jezabel easily takes over and plants her bare pussy right over Sarah’s surprised face!  Sarahs isn’t a complete novice and puts up a good fight, even getting the upper hand a few times, but Jezabel is a seasoned wrestlers and knows how to grapple her way out of a few precarious situations…but does Sarah? Watch LGW’s 1538-Facesittin’ Floozies 2 – Nude Catfight and witness all the leg spreading, pussy showing and facesitting action.

Time Limit ~ 16 min         Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters

Let us fight for you!  We love to bring your dream match to life!  Send up your ideas or scripts, let us know the time limit and fighters desired and we will make your match a high action, in your face reality!  Email and stop fantasizing and start watching!

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