New NFL themed Womens Wrestling – Colts vs Jets

Hello Sports Fans!

Todays game features Heather Monroe and Jezabel Romo, both competitive girls by nature…..and both love their wrestling and their football!  Watch as each girl leaves it all on the gridiron in LGWs 1483-Lucha Girls Football – Jets vs Colts

1483-Lucha Girls Football – Jets vs Colts

Heather “The Jet” Monroe vs Jezabel “the Colt” Romo

Heather and Jezabel are both competitive girls by nature…..and both love their wrestling and their football! Jezabel, being the more crass and mouthy of the two sexy jersey clad ladies, starts mocking and almost bullying the sweeter and more charming blonde bombshell Heather.  Taunting Heather about her teams win/ loss record, seemingly forgetting her own teams not so stellar record, Jezabel tries to act superior to Heather. Even laughing at the fact that the Jets quarterback was on the injured list because of Mono – the kissing disease. She challenges Heather to a match and they line up, get set to tackle the heck out of each other and Omaha, Omaha, Hut Hut Hike, this match is a go!! Each girl trying to get on the offense, they struggle back and forth.  Finally Jezabels dirty field tactics start to emerge and Heather goes on the defense. Trying to avoid the full unnecessary roughness of Jezabel, Heather takes a knee and a few moments to recover and tackles Jezabel. Throwing her to the corner, she gives Jezabel the same kind of dirty play tactics and stomps her down the mat and places her foot between her head and chest, applying pressure, making Jezabel weaker by every second! This fight goes back and forth with dirty plays and pro wrestling moves. Even making one girl eat the football!!  Each girl trying to get the interception and make the other fumble the ball, these sexy fighters wrestle like they are in the Red Zone and ready to score! Heather starts to dom!nate the 4th quarter and gets the win! But she is not near done with Jezabel and slips a New York Jets fan mask on her unsuspecting head. Upon waking up, Jezabel realizes she is in a football nightmare! If you love sexy female wrestlers who love football, then download LGW’s 1483-Lucha Girls Football – Jets vs Colts, grab a cold one and watch all the action!

Time Limit ~ 9 min Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters