New Mixed Wrestling Match – 1501-Camel Clutch Challenge

Hello Mixed Wrestling Fans,

Our beautiful bae Heather Monroe is back and ready to fight for the title in a Camel Clutch Challenge.  Our newest fighter Boogie is ready to break our cute sassy Bae and claim the title in LGWs 1501-Camel Clutch Challenge, leaving Heather broken and wedgied on the mat.

1501-Camel Clutch Challenge – Mixed Pro Wrestling

Heather Monroe vs Boogie

Sultry blonde bombshell Heather Monroe is in the ring and ready to face her opponent for a title match!  She mistakenly thinks her opponent is a woman…that is until, muscular yet arrogant Boogie enters the ring.  This guy already has a chip on his shoulder about having to fight a lowly woman for this title. But courageously our fearless bae Heather is not one to back down from a challenge, not even this one.  This girl has the heart, soul and passion of a wrestler, but does she have the knowledge, experience and strength to beat this bigger, stronger and more chauvinistic pro wrestler named Boogie? This is a hard hitting mixed pro wrestling match by 2 very determined adversaries. The match starts with Heather swiftly yet inactively trying to get the upper hand.  Boogie is not amused in the least. He then decides to put Heather on the defensive and starts pummeling, pounding and tossing Heather all over the ring leaving her breathless and having to constantly adjust her gear and its repeated cute butt cheek showing wedgie. Soon Boogie starts to wear down the smaller, weaker woman, but he is nowhere near finished with her as her puts her lithe body in painful submissions before remembering this is a camel clutch challenge.  Heather however is one ballsy survivor and continues to fight back, even getting the upper hand at one point. Unfortunately its not enough to keep the Boogie down as he starts a fresh attack on Heather. Poor Bae, how much can she take before she finally submits to the supremacy of the SOB named Boogie? Download LGW’s 1501-Camel Clutch Challenge – Mixed Pro Wrestling and witness the destruction of one beautiful courageous girl.

Time limit ~ 21 min Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters
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