New Mixed Wrestling – Carmen vs Eli

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What happens when Pro Wrestling and Fantasy Wrestling collide?  Sexy Pornstar Carmen Valentina is about to show Pro Wrestler Eli Everfly that Fantasy girls aren’t just sexy, they’re fighters too!

1494-Broken Fantasies – Pro vs Fantasy Mixed Wrestling

Carmen Valentina vs Eli Everfly

Eli Everfly, a very sought after pro wrestler on the indy circuit is in the ring honing his craft and awaiting his opponent.  In saunters sexy and bootylicious adult film star Carmen Valentina spotting Eli stating “ So you’re my opponent today!” Eli looks at Carmen with blatant disbelief exclaiming “Your going to wrestle me!?!” and also asks if Carmen is even a wrestler?.  Carmen nonchalantly states that she knows this “wrestling stuff” and says she has experience in catfights, fetish matches, what’s so hard about wrestling. Eli, still stunned with wrestling shock says alright and is determined to make this sexy chica prove herself in a sanctioned pro match.  The match starts and immediately Eli starts mat wrestling her and mauvering her into various body stretching (and leg spreading) holds. All Carmen can do is scream in pain and call him a dick. But then her inner bitch takes over and she rolls Eli over to give him a facesitting taste of wrestling, the Carmen way!  Eli writhes underneath her thong covered crotch as she taunts him with her glorious moves. Deciding he has had enough, she swings hom over and puts him in a rib crunching body scissors, flexing her strong, powerful gripping thighs. It seems Eli’s plan of action may need restructuring. He puts his experience to work and rolls out of this and into another leg spreading submission. All this does is infuriates Carmen as she repeatedly ball busts him and, head scissors him and finally delivers a booty bouncing stinkface .  But payback is a bitch as Eli once again takes overs and give Carmen a tight stretching wedgie. These 2 brawlers just keep thinking of more and more devastating and dirty ways to deliver the pain to each others body. But who will walk or crawl away victoriously? Download LGW’s 1494-Broken Fantasies – Pro vs Fantasy Mixed Wrestling and find out if its the Catfghter Carmen or the Veteran Pro Wrestler?

Time Limit ~ 10 min Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters

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