New Mixed Wrestling – 1515-Wagin Wrestlers – Loser Kisses Ass Match

Greeting Lucha Girls Lovers!

Allie challenges her man crush Tito to a strip to bra n’ Panties, Loser kisses bare ass wager.  Bad Dude just can’t resist a sweet assed wager like this!

1515-Wagin’ Wrestlers – Loser Kisses Ass Mixed Wrestling

Allie Parker vs Bad Dude Tito

Miss Allie Parker and Bad Dude Tito have quite a history.  They have met on opposing sides many times in the ring and as always, the sexual chemistry/tension between these 2 pro wrestlers is so thick, you can cut it with a knife!  This time Allie initiates this match up and flirtingly challenges Tito to a Mixed Wrestling – Strip to Bra (for her) and Panty match with a Loser kisses ass, bare ass that is happy ending!  Tito, being the dirty fighter that he is, arrogantly agrees to this match and special stipulations, thinking that this is just another excuse to get his hands all over Allies hot, tanned toned body. The match starts and each player feels up/sizes up their nemesis.  They each get more aggressive as the match continues, but eventually Tito starts overpowering and out strengthening little Miss Parker and starts to a sensual game of strip the girl out of her top and barely there daisy duke denim shorts. It’s not long before Allie is in the struggle for her dignity and gives Tito all that she has!  This match is a mixed pro wrestling with a sensually charged fetish twist. Download LGW’s 1515-Wagin’ Wrestlers – Loser Kisses Ass Mixed Wrestling and see who wins and who kisses ass and gets a quite unexpected forced stinkface!!!

Time Limit ~ 8 min Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters
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