New Mixed Wrestling – 1510-Saucy Aussie vs The Lil Guy – The ReMatch!!!

Greeting LGW Fans!

The sassy and saucy Aussie Simone Sherie is back at Lucha Girls and is being challenged to a rematch!  Eli Everfly is pumped and ready to have his revenge on our sweet chica from Down Under!

1510-Saucy Aussie vs The Little Guy ~ The Rematch!

Simone “Saucy Aussie” Sherie vs Eli Everfly

Both are pro wrestlers and both are hungry to win, but for very different reasons!  Simone is on a winning streak and just wants to keep on winning, Eli on the otherhand took a man ego crushing loss to this saucy girl from the Aussie outback and determined to get his revenge!  The match starts with both pro wrestlers being confident and quite cocky, but soon one get the upperhand with painful body stretching submissions, back breaking lift carrys and some downright body all over the Gawd Damned ring!  This is a vengeful pro style beatin from one pro wrestler to another, because as you know, here at Lucha Girls, it does’nt matter if you have a cock or a cunt, you are a fighter! Download LGW’s “ 1510-Saucy Aussie vs The Little Guy ~ The Rematch! “ and find out who dug deep, put in the work and got the win!

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters