New Mixed Wrestling – 1484-When Women Attack! ~ Masked Mixed Wrestling

Hello Mixed Wrestling Fans,

We have a Masked Mixed Wrestling match just for you.  In this match, you can envision yourself as the masked Amigo Blanco and take the fun fetishy femdom ass kicking from La Sancha in LGWs 1484-When Women Attack – Masked Mixed Wrestling

1484-When Women Attack – Masked Mixed Wrestling

La Sancha vs Amigo Blanco

La Sancha – Our masked senorita is in the ring and ready to fight!  Clad in a sassy little 2 piece lingerie set and shiny black leather wrestling boots is ready to kick ass!  In walks Amigo Blanco, a terrifying masked male wrestler. They exchange words and soon the fight begins. La Sancha is experienced in fighting bigger stronger opponents and is determined to win by any means necessary…even using dirty tactics to domiinate and reign supreme over her masked male opponent.  Though she knows she can’t possibly beat this brute in a fair honest fight, she will use everything in her arsenal to defeat him, including strikes, low blows, facesits, and submission moves. La Sancha just seems to stay one step ahead of Amigo Blanco. She even has the audacity to start grinding on his crotch and face just to further humiliate this poor masked man.  Though he does try to fight back and put La Sancha on the defensive, she just can’t be stopped. She verbally taunts him while riding & grinding his face, fondling his clothed covered cock and leaves this poor guy, breathless and out on the floor. Witness the humiliation of Amigo Blanco and the triumph of La Sancha in this pro style with a fetishy twist match. Download LGW’s 1484-When Women Attack – Masked Mixed Wrestling and witness all the action.

Time Limit ~ 12 min Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters