New Mixed Scissorhold Challenge feat Jen Thomas vs Bad Dude Tito

Hello Wrestling Fans,

That sexy muscular chica Jennifer Thomas is back and ready to prove her prowess against the arrogant “women belong in the kitchen” Bad Dude Tito Escondito. This match is a serious challenge of scissorhold supremacy in LGW’s 1489R-Battle of the Thunder Thighs – Mixed Scissorhold Wrestling

1489R-Battle of the Thunder Thighs – Mixed Scissorhold Wrestling

Jennifer Thomas vs Tito Escondito

These 2 sexy pro wrestlers have met in the ring before and the sexual tension just keeps building stronger and stronger with each match! In this match, Jennifer and Bad Dude Tito come toe to toe for a total Scissor match. It gets ladies and gentlemen as both of our fierce fighters get inventive and think of new ways to scissor and the hell out of each other. If you love body and head scissors between man vs woman, then this is the matchup for you. Bad Dude Tito feels his strength sapping away as Jennifer uses various ways to squeeze his arrogant head between her tanned luscious muscular thighs, both forward facing and reversed,as well as capturing his large bulky body between his thighs like he belongs there. But Bad Dude Tito holds his own and delivers his own onslaught of , python like grips on poor Jennifer. This is by far the best scissor hold match we have had in the history of Lucha Girls Wrestling! Buy 1489R-Battle of the Thunder Thighs! – Mixed Scissorhold and witness the battle of power thighs in action!

Time Limit ~ 27 min Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters