New Mixed Match – 1498-Saucy Aussie Beat Down

Happy Monday Ladies & Gents!

We love to bring you the sauciest, sassiest sexiest female wrestlers, and sometimes, we just love to watch them get their sweet little asses kicked all over the ring. Such is the case today when our Saucy Aussie Simone Sherie faces off against our latest female wrestler hating beefcake wrestler DKC.

1498-Saucy Aussies Beat Down – Mixed Wrestling

Simone Sherie vs DKC

Our sultry Saucy Aussie is in the ring getting her stretch on, when out of the corner of our eye (or lens) we see a muscular, chiseled man watching her from behind the curtain.  Suddenly he gets in the ring and demands to know what the fuck Simone is doing in his ring? Simone saucily responds to this brute that she is obviously stretching in the ring, as he can clearly see that is what she is doing.  DKC does not like her dismissive attitude and arrogantly orders her out of his ring and out of his sport. She just laughs and has the audacity to turn her back to him, which just infuriates our man of the ring. He aggressively attacks her from the back and asks her who the fuck she thinks she is.  He wants to show her that she has not earned the right to wrestle in his self proclaimed ring. She painfully tries to get away from the bad tempered brute stating she just wants to wrestle. This seems to enrage DKC even further as he starts throwing her around the ring giving her poor vulnerable body in what is starting to be a very male dominating beat down.  She tries crawling to wherever she thinks she can escape this asshole, but he just stalks her around the ring toying with her and crazily gives her the command to stay out of his sport. But he is not nearly finished with this girl. After the manhandling he has given her, DKC decides to show her what wrestling really means and start delivering a body stretching example of pro wrestling moves that includes camel clutches, DDTs and even a piledriver.  How much more can this poor angelic Aussies take? It seems DKC has already brutally snatched the sauciness out of her? Download LGW’s 1498-Saucy Aussie Beat Down- Mixed Wrestling and find out just how much.

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters