New Mixed Fight! – 1503-Break Up Beat Down – Simone vs Eli

Hello LGW Fam!

We have an amazing mixed wrestling for you!  Simone Sherie, our Saucy Aussie is breaking up with her cheapskate boyfriend Eli Everfly, but first she wants to beat him down and give him a humiliating female dominated sendoff!

1503-Break Up Beat Down – Mixed Femdom Wrestling

Simone Sherie vs Eli Everfly w. Special Ref DKC

Simone is a woman tired of being treated like a cheap date by her boyfriend Eli.  Like a typical guy, he doesn’t see the problem until it smacks him hard in the face.  SImone confronts Eli and tells him that she has been cheating on him and wants to break up.  But, she is going to give him the beat down of his life – Simone doesn’t just want to break up with Eli, she wants to take out all of her relationship aggression on him and humiliate the living hell out of him too!   She starts him around the ring and has even brought in a special guest referee to help control all the action of this femdom one sided beat down! This poor guy is slapped, stomped, body busted with pedigrees, powerbombs, piledrivers and slams.  But or Saucy Aussie isnt’ done with him just yet, she also wants to stretch and bend his body unmercifully with Boston Crabs, Camel Clutches and even makes him look like a dog with a very tight, squeezing collar. How much can one guy take before he realizes that she just isn’t that into him or this relationship anymore!  Simone is more interested in bullying and mocking not just Eli, but even hits the referee with a move, piling up both guys for a cute little selfie session! This is not just a case of a womans empowerment, this is a case of a woman abusing her power! Download LGWs 1503-Break Up Beat Down – Mixed Femdom Wrestling

Customer Review:  I am literally speechless!! that was fuckin amazing.  Thank you for creating such perfection video and oh my god thanks simone for this outstanding performance you my lady had earn a regular customer lol.  Thank you again and please give my regards to the wrestlers!! – GM

Time Limit ~ 25 min Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters

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