New Mens Wrestling Action in Battle of the Man Bods 7 – Dominic vs Douglas

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Dominic and Douglas return to the Lucha Boys ring. Douglas overhears Dominic bragging about how he is the best around, that is until Douglas reminds him that he lost to him last time they met in this very ring! Check out LGW’s 1427-Battle of the Man Bods 7 – Dominic vs Douglas and find out which handsome hunk is really King of the Ring!

1427-Battle of the Man Bods 7 – Dominic vs Douglas

Dominic Kubrick vs Douglas James

Handsome hunk Dominic Kubrick is in the ring admiring, well, himself and claiming the ring is his and his alone!  Tattooed and tanned stud Douglas James can’t help but overhear this arrogant bastard’s self admiration and honestly can’t believe what he is hearing. He reminds Dom that Douglas actually beat his ass the last time they met in the ring.  Dominic doesn’t want to hear this truth and attacks Douglas and goes on a striking frenzy on him in the corner turnbuckle!  He manhandles a shakin up Doug with chops, stretches and even some ball antics!  Poor Douglas can’t even catch his bearings and try to defend himself against this onslaught of bullying brutality!  From aching arm ties in the turnbuckles to booty bops in the corner, Douglas just can’t seem to even the playing field!  Surely Dom must show some vulnerability at some point!  And Douglas takes full advantage when the time is right.  Wrapping Dominic up like a pretzel and saying he is making Dom his bitch!  But Dominic isn’t a clean fighter, he likes to fight dirty and perversely in the ring and Douglas just has to take it!  Nipple biting and body bending crotch pumps seem to infruiate Douglas and he gives Dominic a taste of his own medicine with a ball crushing wedge in their tiny nut hugging trunks!  This match goes back and forth and we wouldn’t know which manstud to bet on…they both have prowess, experience and want to gain superiority over the other!  From strikes, ball, wedgies. bearhugs and even a couple of humiliating submissions, these guys fight for victory of being the Ring Stud they we always meant to be!  Download LGW’s 1427-Battle of the Man Bods #7 – Dominic vs Douglas and watch all the hot sweaty awesome action!

Time Limit ~ 11 min  /  Format ~ MP4

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All matches fully scripted and are performed by trained professionals, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters