New Mens Wrestling! 1460-Battle of the Man Bods 4 Douglas vs Alonzo

Hello Submission Fans, 

We have 2 hot male wrestlers in tiny trunks ready to fight for dominance and supremacy in the ring!  If you love good old fashioned male dom wrestling, you will want to see LGWs 1460-Battle of the Man Bods 4 Douglas vs Alonzo

1460-Battle of the Man Bods 4 – Douglas vs Alonzo

Douglas James vs Alonzo Alvarez

Alonzo Alvarez is the new boy on the block and he is determined to make a name for himself on the pro circuit.  His mentality is to be the best, you have to beat the best and with this mindset, he challenges veteran Douglas James to a match.  Douglas James, being the cocky confident wrestler that he is, loves to beat down the new boys and easily accepts this challenge.  Douglas has heard of this young buck and knows he finds his power in his high school medals that he normally proudly displays at every show.  He asks where his medals are and starts to mind fuck this hungry for fame wrestler.  The match starts and they size each other up with a series of hold hold grappling moves.  Douglas keeps asking the boy, “what do you got” in an attempt to keep seniority and veteran status fresh in Alonzo’s mind as an intimidation factor. But Alonzo is not about to be manipulated by Douglas and verbally and physically fights back.  This is an awesome solid submission match between 2 hot man bods in tiny trunks!  But as always in a submission match, one man must submit to the others supremacy…..who do you think it will be?  The seasoned vet or the hungry young guy?  Find out in LGW’s 1460-Battle of the Man Bods 4 Douglas vs Alonzo.

Time Limit ~ 8 min  /  Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters