New Mens Wrestling – 1448 Battle of the Man Bods 5 – Dominic vs DKC

Hey Wrestling Fans,

Tonights fight is a mano de mano match featuring Dominic Kubrick as he takes on and tries to mindfuck the newbie DKC in LGW’s 1448-Battle of the Man Bods #5.  This is a match that ends in a crotch grabbing low blow victory!

1448-Battle of the Man Bods #5 – Dominic vs DKC

Dominic Kubrick vs D.K.C.

Sinewy muscles D.K.C. is in the ring, doing a nunchuck workout and babbling about seeing the mamacitas later.  In saunters well built brawny Dominic Kubrick keeping his eye on the new guy D.K.C.  After a bit of masculine banter, Dominic suddenly starts a chop fest on DKC’s chest.  He works him over, grinds him in the corner and starts to work over the new guy.  One thing Dominic loves is working over and mindfucking the newbies and this match is no exception! He starts domming DKC with strikes, kicks and grind inducing submissions.  But DKC isn’t one to just sit back and take it.  He fights back every chance he gets, but Dom anticipates and seems to have a fetishy need for a feisty opponent.  He craves the fight and DKC is the man to give it to him.  This match contains some exciting hold to hold, ground and pound, perverse submissions and some low blows, leaving one fighter on the ground, holding his throbbing crotch!  If you love watching sexy men in tiny little trunks then this is the match for you!  Download LGW’s 1448-Battle of the Man Bods #5 – Dominic vs DKC and watch all the hot hot hot man vs man action.

Time Limit ~ 9 min  /  Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters