New Mens Pro Wrestling Match – 1469-Battle of the Man Bods 2 with BONUS match!!

Hello Male Pro Wrestling Fans!

Tonight we bring you not 1 but 2 hard hitting in your face all male pro wrestling bouts featuring Heel Slice Boogie vs All American Boy Cameron Gates.  Plus included in LGWs 1469-Battle of the Man Bods 2 – All Male Pro Wrestling, is a bonus match with Cameron vs Pro Wrestler with a Jiu jitsu flair Douglas James.

1469-Battle of the Man Bods 2 – Boogie vs Cameron with Bonus Match!!!

Slice Boogie vs Cameron Gates

Bonus Match – Cameron Gates vs Douglas James

Slice Boogie is new on the indy wrestling scene, but is already proving himself as a brute to be reckoned with.  He is wrestling All American boy next door Cameron Gates in the ring.  Now Cameron is known as a babyface, talented as all heck type of wrestler, quite the opposite of the vocal foul tempered Slice Boogie.  First thing upon seeing Cameron, Boogie tells Cameron he is a pussy who needs to toughen up.  And it seems that Boogie is the asshole to beat it into him!  They lockup and already Boogie is telling him to stop playing with him and fight like a man. His tempered gets the best of him and he throws Cameron across the ring and starts stomping him into the turnbuckle.  But he is not done yet, he tells Cameron to be tough and keeps him down, even using the ropes to best the honest babyface.  But Cameron is not done and tries to fight back.  He slams, drops, bumps and just plain gets pretty damn ruthless.  BUt Cameron is a survivor and just won’t quit.  He digs deep and takes the abuse and even shows a burst of adrenaline to fight back.  But Boogie is a hard bodied brute who is hard to take down.  Who will gain supremacy in this male pro wrestling match?  The Golden Boy Cameron Gates or the bully of the ring Slice Boogie?  Download LGWs 1469-Battle of the Man Bods 2 and find out.  Plus for your viewing pleasure….included in this download is a BONUS MATCH featuring Cameron Gates vs the Pro Wrestler with Submission Supremacy Douglas James!

Time Limit ~ 13 min / Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters