New Match – 1550-Masked Man Meets Vulcana – Multiple Piledrivers

Greetings Lucha Girls Fans!

Masked Man III feels the need to put women empowerment back in the cave and this match up brings outspoken, sassy Vulcana to Masked Mans lair…the coveted squared circle for a brutality that Vulcana has never witnessed or felt firsthand!  Check out LGWs 1550-Masked Man Meets Vulcana – Multiple Piledriver Mixed Wrestling!

1550-Masked Man Meets Vulcana – Multiple Piledriver Mixed Wrestling

 Masked Man III vs Masked Vulcana

Vulcana is new to the world of wrestling, so new in fact, that she is afraid to show her face.  So it seems that Lucha Girls is her dirty lil secret. Masked Man takes offense to this masked bitch and to her shame of Lucha Girls.  On this day, Vulcana seems obsessed with her ex boyfriend Sal and his trashing her around the wrestling circuit. She is talking nonsense in the ring when Masked Man enters and like dog after a bone goes after Vulcana with a fierceness that spews his hatred for women and in particular this chick.  Needless to say, Vulcana is about the take the brute force of Masked Man’s hatred of all women who want special treatment, yet equality in the ring. Time to bash some sense into this bitch. Masked Man is relentless in causing this “female wrestler” some sever pain slamming her and throwing her around the ring.  But Vulcana proves she can take the or can she? Soon Masked Man resorts to multiple piledrivers and ever dirtier tactics to keep this bitch on her back where she belongs! This match shows just what Masked Man thinks of women empowerment and all its bullshit! Download LGW’s 1550-Masked Man Meets Vulcana – Multiple Piledriver Mixed Wrestling and witness the downfall of another female who wants to wrestle the big boys!

***Customer Review – “FUCKING AWWWWESOOOOOME!!!  Vulcana‘s acting, wrestling balance and fitness level were off the hook.  Masked Man’s cruelty showed very well – especially the Thunder fire piledriver, punches to the face, spitting and mentioning my name.  Thank you very much Jezabella!”

Time Limit ~ 26 min          Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters