New Girl! New Match – 1507-Breakin in the New Girl – Decima May

Hello Lucha Girls Fans!

We have new meat just for you!  A sassy lil chica names Decima May has joined the Lucha Girls Wrestling roster and made quite a lasting impression on owner Jezabel when she mistook her for the housekeeper and rudely demanded a match to prove herself.  Jezabel willing complied and gave her a , for Decima May, tryout match. Poor Decima May…

1507-Breakin in the New Girl – Decima May – Tryout Match

Jezabel Romo vs Decima May

Jezabel is in the stay ugly and clean mode in the ring when in walks a cute yet sassy girl named Decima May.  This saucy lil chica has on her stripper style wrestling gear and is ready to prove she has what is takes to be the best Lucha Girl ever!  She walks up to who she assumes is the housekeeper and rudely tells her to go get Jezabel right fucking now! Jezabel decides to mindfuck this girl and play with her a bit.  As this silly little chica didn’t do her homework and realize that she is already talking to Jezabel, and not leaving the best first impression with her, we might add. Jezabel thinks to herself, “Fuck this little bitch, she wants a match, she will fucking get one, right fucking now!!!” Jezabel strips out of her cleaning clothes and confronts Decima in her bra and panties and ready to kick her fucking ass all over her newly cleaned ring! She decides a tryout match will take place and tells Decima she better be ready!  Jezabel then proceeds to see how this little thong clad chica likes ass smacks, crotch attacks and getting bashed all over the ring. Do you think Decima has what is takes to be a Lucha Girl? Download LGW’s “ 1507-Breakin in the New Girl – Decima May – Tryout Match “ and find out if she survives her tryout match!

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