New Category New Match – 1474-Battle of the Man Bods Eli vs Masked Cobra

Hello Wrestling Fans!

We are excited to bring you a new category at Lucha Girls, well Lucha Boys in this match!  Introducing Mens Pro Wrestling! Our first match is a match for in ring supremacy between male pro wrestlers Eli Everfly vs the mysterious Masked Cobra!  Check the first match in the Battle of the Man Bods series

1474-Battle of the Man Bods #1 – Eli vs Masked Cobra

Eli Everfly vs Masked Cobra

Today in the Lucha Girls ring, its time for the Lucha Boys to claim Pro Wrestling Supremacy! Tight tiny trunk clad wrestlers –  Eli Everfly, a young up and comer meets the mysterious Masked Cobra and each man wants total domiinance of the other and each is overly cocky and confident in this classic professional wrestling match up.  This awesome match contains hold to hold, Headscissors, Surfboards, Boston Crabs, Pedigrees, Powerbombs, and torturous body bending STF into a Rings of Saturn and even a back breaking Gory Guerrero Special!  It even includes a heelish nipple squeezing titty twister and even man panty grabbing pin mounting attempts! But their can only be one Man Alpha in the ring…who do you think it will be? Find out in LGW’s 1474-Battle of the Man Bods #1 – Eli vs Masked Cobra.

Time Limit ~ 7 min Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters

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