New Bikini Match – 1482-Bikini Brawls Allie vs Tomiko

Hello Bikini Rasslin’ Fans!

Bikini clad babes Allie Parker and Tomiko are back and from the git go, you can tell these two hellcats are definitely more catty than cordial with each other and ready to prove who is the better fighter – the sexy cougar or the sassy younger cub!

1482-Bikini Brawls – Allie vs Tomiko

Allie Parker vs Tomiko

The young, sassy and perky Allie Parker wants to show off her mat skills and challenges Tomiko to a barefoot submissions only bikini match. Tomiko, a sexy and experienced cougar, laughs at Allie’s request, saying it’s not really a match if she’s winning all the time. Allie thinks her youth will be all she needs, but Tomiko reminds her that “just because I’m a sexy cougar doesn’t mean I can’t keep your ass down!”. The two ladies go at it, trying to get the other to submit as many times as possible. Headlocks, take downs, body scissors, leg scissors, guillotines and arm bars and even a facesit are all used between the two bikini babes. Tomiko soon gets the upper hand, and uses her weight against Allie by sitting on her face in an attempt to get Allie to tap. Will experience help Tomiko get the win, or will Allie and her youth end up on top?  Download LGW’s 1482-Bikini Brawls – Allie vs Tomiko and find out who wins this catfight? Will it be the sexy cougar or the sassy cub?

Time Limit ~ 13 min Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters

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