NEW Bikini Catfight – 1551-Allies Apartment Asskickin

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Allie Parker is back and has the confidence to challenge Jezabel to a apartment style ass kickin.  Jezabel quite amused, accepts this challenge as poor Allie has suffered more embarassment and humiliating losses than Jezabel an count.  This time Allie feels that with Jezabel being out of her domain of the LGW ring, she has a fighting chance….or does she? Find out in 1551-Allies Apartment Asskickin’ – Bikini Catfight

1551-Allies Apartment Asskickin’ – Bikini Catfight

Jezabel Romo vs Allie Parker

Jezabel and Allie have a long history…….Jezabel loves the memories.  Allie unfortunately, wishes she could forget as she always seems to be on the humiliating losing end everytime she faces Jezabel.  Poor Allie is such an innocent sweet girl, I mean damn, she is known as America’s Sweetheart for God sakes!! Jezabel on the other hand, loves to torment and bully the sweet nice girls of this business.  She grew up on the streets of LA and knows how to survive, whether its in everyday life, but especially on the mats. Allie thinks she will get the advantage this time, as this time, this is her challenge, on her turf and with her newfound toughness and confidence.  This is an apartment style bikini catfight. Alot of ass smacking, belly punching, and arms and legs aflyin’ and squeezin’ as each girl is determined to get the win and make the other laying on the mats in shame! Download LGWs “1551-Allies Apartment Asskickin – Bikini Catfight” and watch all the apartment wrestling action!

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters

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