New Bellypunch match – 1488-Toying with TerraMizu

Hello Belly Punch Fans!

This match is just for you. The tantalizing Terra Mizu came to the LGW ring and wants to make her debut match against not just any wrestler, but the owner of LGW, Jezabel Romo. Jezabel accepts and is prepared to give the belly bashing this ballsy chica will never forget…or will she?

1488-Toying with TerraMizu – Belly Bashing Catfight

Jezabel Romo vs TerraMizu

Jezabel has been booked to wrestle visiting wrestler TerraMizu. Now Terra seems like a nice sweet girl next door type of sexy catfighter.  She is young, cute and toned…..just the type of chica that our resident cougar Jezabel can’t stand. She claims her veteran status and is more than slightly offended by Terra’s choice of gear, which coincidentally looks just like her own cheetah print bra & panty set.  The cattiness and animosity just seems to rise higher and higher between these 2 she cats! Suddenly Jezabel sucker punches Terra and this sassy catfight is on ladies and gentlemen! Terra is immediately on the defense as Jezabel brutally attacks her silky soft, toned belly.  Punches, slaps, kicks and even head butts are aimed directly at Terras vulnerable midsection. Not only must she suffer the physical body , but gleefully Jezabel verbally bullies and taunts the terrified Terra. Though Terra proves she is a survivor and can take the abuse from this vengeful aging bitter bitch.  Acting as if this is not enough, Jezabel starts to get distracted by Terras beautiful voluptuous body. She starts to fondle and caress Terras boobs and belly in a sensual fashion. Terra doesn’t quite know what to make of this. But Jezabel wants to control more of her victims reactions and emotions and starts to sensually tickle Terra causing her body to feel more sensations than just the pain she has suffered. Breaking out of the sensual trance Jezabel starts getting rougher and rougher in her handling of Terra and starts to abuse and beat her once again with an evil brutality.  But Terra has had enough and fights back taking Jezabel by surprise and returns the viciousness with her own low blow and head scissors, making Jezabel not only submit but forcing her to muscle worship her luscious body as well. Download LGW’s 1488-Toying with TerraMizu – Sensual Belly Bashing Catfight and watch all the hot painfully pleasurable catfighting action.

Time Limit ~ 15 min Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters