New Bellydom at LGW – 1540-Party Girl Punch – Jezabel vs Jennifer

Greetings Lucha Girls Fans!

Jennifer is here and ready to teach that good for nothing party girl Jezabel a lesson in drinking & partying instead of training.  A lesson the drunken cougar will not soon forget in 1540-Party Girl Punch – Bellydom Wrestling! Check it out!

1540-Party Girl Punch – Bellydom Wrestling

Jezabel Romo vs Jennifer Thomas

Jennifer Thomas is serious about her training and her wrestling, that is why the offices have asked her to be Jezabel Romo, the party girls training partner.  Jezabel is never on time, doesn’t take life serious and has been a serious thorn in poor Jennifers side. On this day, she has the audacity to show up over an hour late, still in last nights barely there party clothes and drunk off her scantily clad ass!  Jennifer has had it with this little aging hussy and is determined to show this stupid bitch a lesson she won’t forget…or heck, in her drunken state she may not even remember! Jezabel is just a mess and Jennifer is more than happy to beat the tequila right out of her soft tender belly in a belly that will soon sober this drunken mess up!  Jennifer has her just where she wants her as she pummels Jezabels belly all over the ring. She even comes across handcuffs and cuffs Jezabel to the corner for more kicks, chops, punches and claws to Jezabels reddening belly. Jezabel is turning into a slobbering drooling mess as she moans, gags and sobers up. But Jennifers drive and determination just may be the sobering encounter that Jezabel needs to change her irresponsible lifestyle!  Download LGW’s 1540-Party Girl Punch – Bellydom Wrestling and watch the lesson learned for Jezabel under the tutelage of a no nonsense Jennifer.

Time Limit ~ 20 min          Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters

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