New Battle of the Man Bods #9 – Low Rise Boys – Mens Wrestling

Greetings Wrestling Fans,

Todays match brings us to the ring with 2 youngstud pro wrestlers, Eli Everfly vs Dom Kubrick as each guy will do anything it takes to get the win in LGW’s 1411-Battle of the Man Bods #9 – Low Rise Boys

1411-Battle of the Man Bods #9 – Low Rise Boys

Dominic Kubrick vs Eli Everfly

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Dom enters the ring and instantly can’t help but notice Eli in the corner doing his squats. Both man studs are in today’s gym gear fashion. Low Rise basketball shorts, boxer briefs and tank top. Like typical men at the gym, each immediately sees the other as competition, whether it be Dom showing Eli how to do the perfect squat. Telling Eli that he can work out with him, but he will never have a body like his, Dom also bares his chiseled abs, rubbing them affectionately.  While in the middle of a deep seated squat, Eli low blows Dom, sending him to his knees.  Now Eli’s sassiness starts to show as he toys with Dom with head to butt bumps and ball to face slams.  Poor Dom isn’t used to being on this end of an asskicking.  Suddenly after a corner ass , Dom’s inner pervert awakens and he fights back.  This match seems like anything goes pro style as each pro wrestler uses every body part to strike his opponent, ball, ass to face bumps, even nipple biting & using the dirty tactic of pantsing the other with some rather body bending submissions.  I you like watching hot bodied youngstud pro wrestlers then you will love LGW’s 1411-Battle of the Man Bods #9 – Low Rise Boys.

Time Limit ~ 15 min  /  Format ~ MP4

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