New at LGW – Heather Monroe vs Rosa in1555-I Am Not a Bimbo Bitch

Happy Friday Lucha Girls Fans!

That Sassy Blonde Bombshell Heather Monroe is back at Lucha Girls and ready to wrestle our spicy Latina Rosa in a pro style match with just a bit of spiteful cattiness……check out 1555-I Am Not a Bimbo Bitch

1555-I Am Not A Bimbo Bitch – Female Pro Wrestling

feat Rosa vs Heather Monroe

Heather Monroe, a local pro wrestler is in the ring impatiently awaiting her next opponent.  Suddenly, out of nowhere she hears what sounds like the Spanish language being spoken in what can only be called a rather sarcastic tone.  Rosa, our sassy spicy Latina pro wrestler enters the ring, looking freshly made up and sexy in her candy skull one piece. What insults she is hurling at Heather, we can only imagine.  Realizing that our little bleach blonde babe doesn’t understand her, she switches to English and the insults spewing out of her mouth about Heather’s fake blonde looks would be painful to anyone’s tender ears.  Rosa is feeling damn hot and spicy and points out that Heather, with her dark roots and no makeup looks, well, a bit on the worn and unkempt side. The match starts and both girls are determined to reign athletic supremacy over the other with classic chain wrestling.  Rosa just can’t get the blonde girls lazy looks out of her mind and continuously yanks on Heather’s Barbie fine tendrils. Rosa knows this is not the girl to beat her and proceeds to talk trash and out wrestle Heather. Though our blonde is not shrinking violet and keeps fighting back.  She will not let this Latina bitch get the best of her. Her passion to prove herself the better fighter keeps her in the fight, but Rosa is a world traveled seasoned wrestler and just won’t give Heather a chance to get the best of her. Rosa uses every heel tactic she can think of to weaken the blonde bombshell.  But does she have what it takes to keep Heather down and out or does Heather have the survival instincts to claim this victory? Find out in LGW’s “ 1555-I Am Not A Bimbo Bitch – Female Pro Wrestling

Time Limit ~ 11 min          Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters

Here is your chance to order your very own custom wrestling match with the sassy Latinas Rosa and Jezabel Romo.  They will be meeting in the ring in Houston Texas Sept 13-14, 2018 and would love to fight just for you, or maybe you want more and would like to wrestle them yourself and book a session!

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