New at LGW – 1576~Scissorhold Supremacy feat Jen Thomas

1576~Scissorhold Supremacy – Mixed Scissor Wrestling

Featuring Jennifer Thomas vs Joe Average

Jennifer Thomas recently met a new man.  Though he is muscular, with model good looks, he is your typical all brawn no brain type of guy.  He laughs in her face when she tells him she has the most powerful, squeezable thighs in wrestling.  He thinks she is just another sexy, yet weak woman.  So the premise is set, Jennifer and her sexy, muscular well turned thighs versus your average Joe in a contest of strength and endurance focused around the ever loving, thigh gripping scissorhold.  Jennifer being confident in the ring, takes control rather quickly with various head and body squeezing techniques, but Joe is a fast learner and applies his version of the coveted scissorhold to her sexy, yet squashed head.  Even though this match is a match of painful head squeezing endurance, there can only be one winner…who do you think it will be?  Download LGW’s “1576~Scissorhold Supremacy ~ Mixed Scissor Wrestling” and find out!

Time Limit ~ 30 min                      Format ~ MP4

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