New at LGW!! 1562-Not Too Sexy for a Crotch Attack! – 2 on 1 Crotchdom Wrestling

Lucha Girls Wrestlings very first match was a cunt match between Jezabel Romo and Mutiny back in 2011.  We have done a wide variety of matches,  but one of our favorites will always be the Crotch Attack Match!  Check out our latest featuring pornstar Trina Michaels versus Jezabel Romo & Jennifer Thomas.

1562-Not Too Sexy for a Crotch Attack! – 2 on 1 Crotchdom Wrestling

 Jezabel Romo & Jennifer Thomas vs Trina Michaels

Jezabel and Jennifer are seasoned wrestlers who have busted their asses for the wrestling business.  Trina is a pornstar who is trying to crossover from porn to wrestling, much to the angst and disapproval of our sexy pro wrestlers.  They will be damned if this chick thinks this is going to be an easy transition! With this angry thought in their devious minds, these girls have decided that since they know her cunt can take a pounding in the adult industry, they are going to give her pornstar pussy a wrestling style !!  From the moment she attempts to step into the ring, Jezabel kicks the rope right between her legs bashing her booty short wearing crotch! Let the 2 on 1 cunt catastrophe begin!! Poor Trina tries to keep her spirit in the fight, but Jezabel and Jennifer are downright fucking poor helpless Trina between the legs with every and any vindictive, way they can think of. They punch, kick, slap and stomp her poor battered special lady place.  They drag her around the ring, to the ropes and even hang her upside down in the corner of the ring to beat her open exposed crotch area. I don’t think I have ever seen Trina’s legs spread so wide while her crotch is given the full undivided attention of these 2 enraged she cats. Trina attempts to fight back throughout the match, trying to prove her passion to be in the wrestling business. But come now, let’s be honest,there is only so much much punishment one poor used pussy can take.  Does Trina prove to mean girls Jezabel and Jennifer that she can cut it in this business? Or is she just beaten senseless by these bitches? Download LGW’s “ 1562-Not Too Sexy for a Crotch Attack! – 2 on1 Crotchdom Wrestling “ and find out. 30 minutes of good ol’ hard hitting, in your face crotch bashing.

Time Limit ~ 31 min                    Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters

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