New at LGW 1530-Shut Up and Fight

Greeting LGW Fam!

Allie Parker is back with a vengeance and can’t wait to give Jezabel a small taste of her own medicine in this female pro wrestling match up – 1530-Shut Up and Fight – Female Pro Wrestling

1530-Shut Up and Fight – Female Pro Wrestling

Jezabel Romo vs Allie Parker

Jezabel is surprised to see the returning Ms Allie Parker back on the LGW roster and lets the feeling show.  Allie, back with a newfound overly confident diva attitude remarks that she is the only one that matters on the roster.  Jezabel is quite taken aback by this diva bitch personality and really just wants the younger girl to shut the fuck up and fight.  But Allie just keeps on talking much to Jezabels growing irritation! Finally Jezabel just can’t take anymore and decides to make this match happen no matter what and aggressively attacks Allie mid sentence!  The match is on….ding ding! Jezabel starts strong but it seems that with her newly expressed attitude comes more experience and she soon counters everything Jezabel throws at her. Jezabel gets more and more frustrated but calm collected Allie just keeps getting the upper hand!  It really does seem that Ms Parker is no longer the defenseless sweet babyface jobber, she just may actually finally score a victory over Jezabel, even using a few tactics straight out of Jezabels playbook and just when Jezabel seems to get the best of Allie, all of a sudden Allie throws a couple of low blows between Jezabels legs.  She finally seems to know how to play a bit on the dirty heel side! Bravo Allie! Download LGW’s “1530-Shut Up and Fight – Female Pro Wrestling” and watch all the pro style brutality that Allie seems to have finally developed!

Time Limit ~ 11 min               Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters

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