New at LGW 1509-Sexy Cougar vs Sassy Cub – Female Wrestling

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We have that sassy lil firecracker Delilah Doom back at Lucha Girls and this time she has a few not so nice things to say to sexy muscular cougar Jennifer Thomas and her age!  Time for Jennifer to give Delilah an attitude adjustment about respect.

1509-Sexy Cougar vs Sassy Cub – Female Wrestling

Delilah Doom vs Jennifer Thomas

Delilah Doom, still new to the world of customs, is awaiting for her over the hill lady cougar of an opponent, Jennifer Thomas. See, while Delilah may be a newbie in the custom world, her matches are still the top sellers, and she’s here to show Jennifer just why she’s the newest star of Lucha Girls Wrestling. Jennifer, not having any of Delilah’s cockiness or sass, tells Delilah she’s going to use her to wash up the mat, and the two lock up. This match has a lot of back and forth, with both ladies using various holds and body scissors on each other. Jennifer gets the upper hand, and sends Delilah crashing into the corner. Barefoot and all, Jennifer stands heavily on of Delilah’s chest, trying to take her breath away. After stretching her out and putting her into a rear naked hold, will Jennifer finally make Delilah go to sleep, or will Delilah be able to dig deep and prove to Jen why she’s the next LGW star? Download LGW’s “ 1509-Sexy Cougar vs Sassy Cub – Female Wrestling “ and find out!

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