New at LGW – 1505-Beat Down of Bae – Heather vs Jezabel

Good Evening LGW Fans!

We have Queen of Girl Power Heather Monroe back at LGW and Jezabel can’t wait to get her hands on Heather for quite a humiliating pro match with a foot fetish twist in 1505-Beat Down of Bae – Female Wrestling

1505-Beat Down of Bae

Heather Monroe vs Jezabel Romo

Jezabel Romo, our hot tempered Latina,  is the resident cougar at Lucha Girl. She feels that the younger generation of wrestlers are a bit too entitled and not respectful enough to the veterans that have paved the way for their easily offended, entitled asses!  She see Heather Monroe, the Queen of Girl Power working out in the gym area and calls her out on her lil hootchie mama attire she has on. Heather is a confident strong independent woman and has no respect for the older woman or her opinions.  Jezabel invites her into the ring and suddenly attacks Heather quite unexpectedly. She doesn’t stomp with one kick to Heathers leg, but grabs a chair, wraps her leg in to and tortures Heathers now injured knee. But she doesn’t want to just hurt Heather, she wants to humiliate and real cause her some pain.  She proceeds to remove our vunerable blonde bombshells boot and sock for a bit of foot and toe spreading too! But this is not the last we see of Heather, she is a tough bitch afterall. She returns and confronts Jezabel hours later, this time in legit pro wrestling gear and demands a match to prove herself and get some revenge!  Jezabel is ready for her again and this time, not only goes after her feet and removes her boots and socks again, but goes for a crotch attack as well. Poor Heather! How much humiliation can one pro wrestler take? Jezabel is determined to make her do a fetish match and even uses her socks to tie her up and even uses Heathers own boots as a mouth gag to shut her up!  How much punishment can one sweet lil Bae take? Download LGW’s 1505-Beat Down of Bae – Female Pro Wrestling and find out for yourself!

Time Limit ~ 14 min Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters