New at LGW – 1495-Crotchless Cuties Catfight – Carmen vs Vivi!!!

Hello Wrestling Fans,

We have that sassy adult film star Carmen Valentina in the ring with vivacious newcomer Vivi Veracruz in a 30 minute all action crotchless catfight.  Which sexy hellcat wins and which one suffers a humiliating defeat? Download 1495-Crotchless Cuties Catfight – Female Wrestling

1495-Crotchless Cuties Catfight  

Carmen Valentina vs Vivi Veracruz

Carmen Valentina, a popular adult film star is being challenged by a exotic energetic up and comer Vivi Veracruz to a catfight.  Vivi is determined to make a name for herself and to make it fast, so what better way then to challenge the most popular girl on the current Lucha Girls roster.  Though Carmen accepts this match quite enthusiastically, she also has a mission in mind…and that is to show this girl what its like to fight for your success. Carmen ain’t no easy ride and vulnerable Vivi is about to find this out.  They meet in the ring and an instant dislike and mutual disdain is apparent before they even open their mouths. This match is a fierce yet sexy catfight as these girls are motivated by a wager as well as the will to win. The Loser gets sensually humiliated at the end of the match.  Both ladies give it their all with wedgies, body scissors, leg holds, submission holds and more, plus the verbal taunting is quite the turn on as well. What makes this match even better is both ladies “special lady places” are barely covered by black thongs under crotchless leggings!  This is a very entertaining match for those of you that love women wrestling in a female dominating match with a sensual charge as these ladies turn into hell catz to claim this victory and deliver a humiliating orgasmic ending! Download LGW’s 1495-Crotchless Cuties Catfight and watch 30 minutes of hot, sexy wrestling action!

Time Limit ~ 30 min Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters

We are happy to announce that we are shooting again, and this time we have 2 new ladies making their Lucha Girls debut – TerraMizu and Megan Jones will be here for 1 day only. Get those creative juces flowing, write down your scripts and get your match on the match card before its full!