New at LGW – 1490R-Mom vs Daughter – Dirty Lil Belly

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Picture this – Mama Jezabel is in the ring and finds out her new trainee is her own daughter Little Allie Parker. Oh damn – Mama Jezabel is not too happy to begin with and notices that Allie has a dirty lil belly button…time for a cleansing beat down, Mommy vs Daughter style in LGW’s 1490R-Mommy vs Daughter – Dirty Lil Belly.

1490R-Mommy vs Daughter Beat Down – Dirty Lil Belly

Jezabel Romo vs Allie Parker

Mama Cougar Jezabel is back and this time she is in for the shock of her life when she shows up to train the new girl and it turns out to be her passive goody two shoes, straight edged, studious daughter Allie Parker, unlike her other “wild party girl ” Lucky OShea who she has had to beat down in the past a couple of times, but never would she have expected this! After an argument ensues, Mama Jezabel notices that Lil Allie has a lint filled dirty little belly button…now thats just nasty!! Its time for a good old fashioned Mama ass whoopin as she proceeds to show Allie how to clean her belly button and also how to take a .  Allie even gets thrown into the upside down Tree of Woe and belly button violated, just how much of a bitch brawl can she take? Is she tough enough to take it and still become a coveted Lucha Girls wrestler? Find out in 1490R- Mommy vs Daughter Beat Downs – Dirty Lil Belly! This is a Pro Style match with a Fetish twist…just the way we like it here at Lucha Girls Wrestling

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