New at LGW – 1481-Mixed Wrestling Iron Wo-Man Match – Simone vs Eli

Hello Wrestling Fans!

We’ve been getting alot of requests for our favorite Saucy Aussie Simone Sherie. Though she may not be doing anymore customs wrestling matches and focusing solely on her pro wrestling career, much to the dismay of our fans. We have found in the archives am awesome mixed wrestling match where she is challenged to a traditional Iron (Wo)Man Match by Eli Everfly. We hope he knows what he is in for, as Simone gladly and quite aggressively accepts this match and is ready to hand out a beat down in 1481-Mixed Wrestling Iron Wo-Man Match!

1481-Mixed Wrestling Iron Wo-Man Match 

Simone Sherie vs Eli Everfly w Ref Delilah Doom

Simone is back in the ring and ready to accept any challenge, from any opponent! In saunters Eli Everfly, cocky and looking for a fight.  They decide on a traditional Iron Man style of match to determine the prowess and supremacy once and for all. This match contains a lot of pro wrestling style of fighting, but with a total female dominatiing twist….in other words, the sexy Simone kicks this guys ass and shows him why she is the Saucy Aussie!  If you love watching the female on top and the man getting beaten, then download LGW’s 1481-Mixed Wrestling Iron Wo-Man Match and witness the supremacy of Simone.

Time Limit ~ 17 min Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters

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