New at LGW – 1477-Fistful of Panties – Mixed Lift Carry

Greetings Wrestling Fans!

New girl Riley Reyes is ready to start her career as a Lucha Girl.  Her first match up is against Masked Man and soon turns from afraid to aroused in this Lift and Carry.

1477-Fistful of Panties – Sensual Mixed Lift & Carry

Riley Reyes vs Masked Man

With a look of sweet innocence, Riley Reyes is crossing over from her main job of a sexy sought after adult film star to fantasy wrestler.  She is the newest addition to the Lucha Girls roster. We booked her in her first shoot and this silly chit thinks its a photoshoot not a customs wrestling shoot.  She sees the camera and immediately starts posing like she was on a porn set taking glamour girl pics. Now mind you, this chick is cute and the camera loves her, but then it seems like she has caught the attention of more than our camera.  With perverse curiosity Masked Man sets his sights on his next target. He enters the ring and just can’t wait to get his hands on this luscious blonde bombshell. He grabs her and starts to show off by lifting her above his head in a feat of strength, vying for her attention.  She is startled and does not quite know what to do with this type of primitive courting. Masked Man grabs her pink satiny covered pussy and instantly is turned on more and more and can’t stop touching her, lifting her in various ways and touching her everywhere he can. Riley, realizing that this masked brute isn’t trying to hurt her, gives in to her baser passionate instincts and starts to love how this feels.  His hands grabbing & stroking her pussy while he lifts her over his head is more than she can take. Riley is growing more and more aroused and starts writhing and grinding against Masked Mans hand. But how much can each of them take? Find out in LGW’s 1477-Fistful of Panties – Sensual Lift & Carry!!

Time Limit ~ 11 min Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters

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Our next match is March 10, 2020 with Megan Jones, Jennifer Thomas & Jezabel Romo