New at LGW – 1462-Latins Are Not Always Lovers – Mixed Pro Wrestling

Hola Mixed Wrestling Fans,

Tonight we bring the Latin Heat in the form of sassy sexy luchadora Thunder Rosa as she challenges the man beast Luchador Masked Man in a mixed wrestling lucha libre style match in LGW’s 1462-Latins Are Not Always Lovers – Mixed Pro Wrestling.

1462-Latins Are Not Always Lovers – Mixed Pro Wrestling

Thunder Rosa vs Masked Man

So the lifelong rumor is that Latinos make good lovers, but in this case, there is no love lost between sassy Luchadora Thunder Rosa and the arrogant Luchador Masked Man!  Our saucy sexy latina Thunder Rosa is stretching and getting ready for her next match.  Now most luchadors traditionally do not like senoritas in the ring, unless they are there to escort them to the ring in skimpy bikinis.  Masked Man sees Rosa, in her sexy pro wrestling gear, full of Mexican pride from head to toe and immediately takes offense.  Who does this little chingona thinks she is?  He confronts her and demands she enter the ring and fight!  She enters the ring and the match begins.  But quickly, Masked Man realizes that this lil chica knows how to fight!  She seems to counter every move he has and suddenly taps his ass out!  What the fuck?!?!  Masked Man is fuming now and demands the ref make this best of 3 match – Lucha Libre rules!!  This match gets more and more as it progresses!  Even the ref gets involved and knocked to the side for a little forced nap.  While he is having a lucha siesta, Masked Man takes advantage of the size difference and really starts to give quite a ruthless to Rosa.  But Rosa is stronger than she looks, she takes the abuse, but like Speedy Gonzales, she fights on through the beat down with a speed and agility only a spicy hot tempered latina has!  But how long can she survive against a testosterone filled mad man?  He puts her body through slams, strikes and submissions, but doesn’t stop there!  He wants her seeing stars and drooling and puts her through various painful positions to get her subdues and pliable! This match contains back breakers, slams and even a Tombstone and Package Piledriver to poor Thunder Rosas poor petite yet toned body.  If you like watching a man overpower a woman, then this match is for you!  Grab your tequila, cerveza or horchata and watch this male dommed Lucha Libre style mixed wrestling match in LGW’s 1462-Latins Are Not Always Lovers – Mixed Pro Wrestling.

Time Limit ~ 16 min  /  Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters