New Ass Smacking Release – 1557-Delilah Learns Ass Smack Wrestling

Howdy Lucha Girls Fans & Friends!

We are well on our way to corrupt, ahem, I mean, teach Pro Wrestler Delilah Doom the ropes in Customs Wrestling.  This time around she learns Ass Smack Wrestling courtesy of Jezabel Romo, our resident Latina Cougar who loves to humiliate the innocent pro wrestler female!  Check it out!

1557-Delilah Learns Ass Smack Wrestling – Female Wrestling

feat Jezabel Romo vs Delilah Doom

Jezabel Romo, our sassy Cougar loves to introduce and humiliate the new girls and take the pure pro wrestler out of their comfort zones, such is the case with Pro Wrestler Delilah Doom.  This girl is perky, happy, and positive all the damn time, the total opposite of Jezabel to be truthful. Jezabel can’t stand the girl on site and decides now is the time to introduce sweet innocent Delilah to the seedier side of wrestling and since Jezabel has a fondness for spanking, this match should be an easy victory for the older wizened wrestler.  The match starts with Jezabel getting the upper hand quickly as Delilah’s just is not comfortable with people groping and slapping her perky lil ass. She has heard of working a body part, but not like this!!! She tries to wrestle out and away from Jezabel, but Jezabel just finds various ways to smack that ass determined to leave her rosy red signature on Delilah’s sweet ass.  Delilah gets Jezabel in a variety of non ass exposing submissions holds, but she just can’t keep the older bitch down as Jezabel continues to spank and wedgie Delilah’s delightful ass! Each girl fighting for supremacy any way she can as each pair of ass cheeks soon start to redden and Jezabel is out to win by any means necessary, but Delilah proves she can fight back just as dirty! In the end only one can claim victory, even if it means tying their rival to the turnbuckles and really leaving her bruised, red and stinging ass exposed to the world!  Download LGW’s “ 1557-Delilah Learns Ass Smack Wrestling – Female Wrestling “ and watch all the ass spanking slap happy action!

Time Limit ~ 14 min      Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters

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