New 2 matches 1 video – 1525-Workouts Piledrivers and Bikini Spankings – 2 matches in 1

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Jezabel takes on not just Delilah Doom in a multiple piledriver match but while trying to get her workout on, Jennifer Thomas has a score to settle as well.  Can Jezabel handle 2 fights in one weightlifting session? Find out in 1525-Workouts, Piledrivers and Bikini Spankings – 2 matches in 1

1525-Workouts Piledrivers and Bikini Spankings – 2 matches in 1

Jezabel Romo vs Delilah Doom and Jennifer Thomas

Jezabel is enjoying the peace and quiet of the gym and getting her work out on.  All she wants is some alone time to herself. Instead, she is interrupted by perky little Delilah Doom and her sassy attitude stating that she is here to prove to Jezabel that she, Delilah, is the best up and coming customs fighter.  Jezabel laughs in her face and states that in order to be the best, she needs to not be such a fucking prude when it comes to fetish matches! Delilah challenges Jezabel and thinks she has what it takes……ok cool, Jezabel accepts this challenge and decides that Delilah needs a lesson in fetish, a multiple piledriver reminder of what it takes to be the best and decides to throw a bit of groping and fondling in for good measure.  Lets see how well Delilah takes to fetish….then maybe Jezabel can get back to her workout dammit! But of course, it just was not meant to be as USa bikini clad Jennifer Thomas saunters in feeling all confident and sexy thinking (aloud) that she is the hottest thing in fantasy wrestling. Now Jezabel know she can’t hold a candle to the beautifully muscular form of Jennifer, but son of a bitch, all she wants to do is spend some fucking “me” time and get her workout on.  Of course, Jennifer and Jezabel can’t be a ring together without the heck out of each other and here we go for another pro and fetish battle between these 2 sexy cougars! Download LGW’s “ 1525-Workouts, Piledrivers and Bikini Spankings – 2 matches in 1 “ and watch 2 chick fights in one video! Does Jezabel survive both matches and get her workout on or do Delilah and Jennifer do what needs to be done and squash this wily old veteran?

Time Limit ~ 20 min Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters

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