Multiple Piledrivers in 1472-Piledrivin a Bitch – Mixed Wrestling

Hello Piledriver Lovers!

If you love women getting piledriven, over and over, than this is the match for you!  Masked Man hates women wrestlers and this student is going to get the point of his opinion slammed into her head repeatedly in LGWs 1472-Piledrivin’ a Bitch – Mixed Pro Wrestling.  Check it out!

1472-Piledrivin’ A Bitch – Mixed Pro Wrestling

Jezabel Romo vs Masked Man

Masked Man, the trainer at LGW hates training women.  In his honest opinion, women are good for on thing and it aint wrestling.  But to make ends meet, he trains these little bitches. And this little kiss ass who he is training next really gets on his last nerve.  All she wants to do is impress her trainer and tends to get a bit over enthusiastic for his tastes. So he decides the best way to shut a bitch up is to piledriver her into oblivion and thats just what he intends to do to this poor unsuspecting chick – over and over again!  She shows up in a classic purple one piece suit, pantyhose, knee pads and wrestling boots. She is determined to impress him jut like the girls of yeter year, before all the little same look different girl 2 piece hootchie sets they wear nowadays. Needless to say, Masked Man is not impressed.  He just wants to piledrive the fuck out of this bitch, and so he does. This is a classic man domi-damn-nating beat down match. This masked brute beats Jezabel all over the damn ring, and breaks her at every turn. But this crazy lil bitch keeps fighting back….she is a survivor by golly! But after numerous piledrivers, back breakers, submission holds and pin attempts, Jezabels breasticular fortitude just won’t quit!  How long can this crazy bitch last? Download LGW’s 1472-Piledrivin’ A Bitch – Mixed Pro Wrestling and find out.

Time Limit ~ 9 min Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters

Or if you have your own idea for match, we unfortunately cannot book outside talent right now, but we do have Jezabel Romo and the original Masked Man available to produce any of your Mixed Wrestling Fantasies right now. In ring or our of ring, we can bring your fantasy match to an awesome reality!