Mud Wrestling Madness

Mud Wrestling Madness – Jezabel vs Lucky

featuring Latina Cougar Jezabel Romo vs Irish Lass Lucky OShea

Jezabel just loves a good soothing mud bath after a long stressful day and now is the perfect time to do it! Lucky is a little Irish bully who likes to torment and tease the older woman. Suddenly Lucky shoves Jezabel in the pool of mud! Jezabel is pissed and knowing how much Lucky hates to get dirty, grabs her by the arm and pulls the younger, prettier Lucky in the pool with a unceremonious splat!! A hell of a dirty, messy catfight ensues as each girl is determined to the other bitch out! If you like it wet and messy, you will love Lucha Girls Mud Wrestling Madness” Check out these 2 dirty girls in action! Heres a little mud in your eye!

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