Mommy vs Daughter Beatdowns

Mommy vs Daughter Beatdowns – Expelled & Piledriven
featuring Mommy Jezabel Romo vs Daughter Lucky OShea – Mama Jezabel just got a call to meet her wayward nose sniffling daughter at the Lucha Girls Dojo. A no nonsense type of mama, Jezabel wastes no time in scolding her daughter then come to find out that the little dingy bitch got kicked out of college!! Well Mama Jezabel is hopping mad and ready to kick this little filly’s ass!! Verbally scolding her all the while poor Lucky all around the ring, she stomps her, slams her, kicks her, her and gives her multiple piledrivers in her parental rage. Finally she remembers her date and leaves the stupid dumb girl laying beaten in the ring! Oh Lucky, school wouldn’t have been as as telling your mama your back!
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Jezabel is a very stern dominating Mama, much to the fearful Lucky’s dismay….

ExpelledAndPiledriven-LG (7)

Mama Jezabel trying to knock some sense into her wayward daughter Lucky!

ExpelledAndPiledriven-LG (13)

(Un)Lucky is about to get disciplined in a very piledriving way!

ExpelledAndPiledriven-LG (10)

Mama Jezabel practicing her shit kicking on her poor daughter Lucky!

ExpelledAndPiledriven-LG (16)

In the end, poor Lucky realizes that staying in school would not be as as her mama!!