Mixed Lift & Carry Challenge

Mixed Lift & Carry Challenge – Jennifer Thomas vs Bad Dude

featuring Muscular Beauty Jennifer Thomas vs Caveman Mentality Bad Dude

Jennifer Thomas loves to work out alone, the quietness, the solitude, the peacefulness of the gym at her beck and call! In walks Bad Attitude, “Women Belong in the Kitchen or on their backs in his bed” Bad Dude to spoil her tranquility. He starts off by mocking her and the weight she is lifting and escalates in the insults from there. Jennifer, used to this chauvinistic pig like attitude of men at the gym, tries to ignore him….to no avail. Soon they decide to have a Lift & Carry challenge to prove that women are just as fit and strong as men dammit! They go thru a series of lifts, Over The Shoulder, Cradle, Piggyback, Fireman’s Carry etc each proving their strength. But Bad Dude, being a prick that he is, decides to add a few spins on Jennifer, proving that men will do anything to beat a mere woman, even a woman who has proven that she is just as strong as the average man! Buy Lucha Girls Wrestling Mixed Lift & Carry Challenge” and watch Jen do everything in her power to keep up with this arrogant man!

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Jennifer Lifts Bad Dude in a Piggyback style in Lucha Girls Mixed Lift & Carry Challenge


Bad Dude easily lifts Jennifer in a butt cheek baring Over The Shoulder move in Lucha Girls Mixed Lift & Carry Challenge


Jennifer shows Bad Dude how easily she can lift him in a Fireman’s Carry hold in Lucha Girls Mixed Lift & Carry Challenge.


Bad Dude dishes out another humilating hold with an over the should Head Scissor hold in Lucha Girls Mixed LIft & Carry Challenge