Mixed Crotch Conflicts

Mixed Crotch Conflicts – Masked Crotch Wrestling

featuring Cat Thing vs Masked Man
Cat Thing is making her debut at Lucha Girls and is waiting in fierce anticipation for her opponent. In walks the ever popular, woman hating Masked Man of Lucha Girls Wrestling impatiently looming over Cat Thing with a mean tempered hunger of her ass! This match contains some kicks, punches, stomps, grabs, and clenches of both Masked Mans cock and Cat Things cunt! They both know how to brutally and viciously attack and pummel each others precious cargo! Even getting vulnerably stuck on the ropes while being kicked in the crotch!! They both have the fortitude and will to survive, but who painfully submits to the jaw locking bite of thier opponents mouth in this will to survive and win this almost too painful to watch of the private parts in Lucha Girls Mixed Crotch Conflicts – Masked Crotch Wrestling!!!
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Cat Thing and Masked Man are both available at Lucha Girls Wrestling to fulfill all of our wrestling fantasies!  Be the booker and contact Lucha Girls at Info@LuchaGirls.com