Mixed Crotch Bullies

featuring Allie Parker vs PE Coach ~ Sassy Allie Parker wants to graduate and the only thing standing in her way is her failure of physical education. She is scheduled to do a make up class as her only resort to passing and graduating in the sought after cap & gown! Her special education PE teacher is already in the ring waiting for her when she walks in looking all cute in her school uniform. She takes one look at him and decides that a sassy flirty attitude will work best and get her that coveted easy A+. When this doesn’t work on the tough guy, she resorts to an evil little tactic known as the Low Blow and demands her pass her in this class! He recovers and the match is on……..this match contains crotch grabs, stomps, headbutts, small package painful pussy claws and a very impressive one armed over the head lift and carry held only by a crotch grab! This match is action from beginning to ending! Buy Student vs Teacher – Mixed Crotch Bullies ……if you have the balls!
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Allie wants that passing grade, but can she get it?