Masked Mans Prey

featuring Sexy Allie Parker vs A Masked Madman ~ Allie Parker is trying to get more experience in the ring with men, as she never seems to be the predator, always the prey and she is tired of it! She has a hard losing streak against Puma, so the Lucha Girls office deicdes to put Allie in the ring with antoher Masked clad Madman! Does Allies luck change or is she pummeled, bodybusted and broke down just like before? Sadly, yes, Allie gets her ass kicked and beaten all over the ring as this mad man has his way with poor Allie’s scantily clad bikini body. He claws her toned & tanned belly, her, stretches her and comes close to breaking her vulnerable back! But in the end, like a on a meaty bone, he soon tires of the one sided and just this bitch to sleep! Good night Allie! Buy Masked Mans Prey and witness Allie take another viciously from another madman!
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Allie takes on a Masked Man Man and soon becomes his prey in the the man dominated Lucha Girls Wrestling’s “Masked Mans Prey”

***Allie Parker will be out of the ring until mid to late summer, as she unselfishly is donating a kidney to her brother.  This girl is an awesome wrestler in the ring and equally awesome sister & friend outside of the ring.  Please send any positive thoughts and well wishes to Allie.  You can continue to show support of the courageous woman by checking out her merchandise stores at and 8×10’s at: