1607-Masked Man Meets Layla

1607-Masked Man Meets Layla

~ a Topless Mixed Wrestling Bellydom match

In Lucha Girls latest release – 1607-Masked Man Meets Layla – featuring Luscious Layla vs Masked Man – we enter the ring in this one sided belly , poor Layla is so confused that a Masked Man enters the ring and the stupid bitch asks, Are you The Masked Man?…..shows how smart this girl is, but then she accepted this match, so maybe she isn’t too smart! She came out of her corner confidently swinging but was soon shot down by the dominating Masked Man! He goes after her soft, vulnerable belly right from the start. You can tell he is getting more and more turned on by battling this luscious Cuban beauty as his hits get more by the second and his gropes and fondles of her lustful moans get louder and longer. Soon he gets so anamored with her, that he strips her top off and is distracted by her perky little tits and gropes and grabs them like a lustful masked man! He tells her to squeal like a pig, but this stubborn girl will just not budge, she can take it all,  as he grabs, stomps, punches and slaps her beautful belly, but will not give him the satisfaction of the pig squeal! You can see the Masked Man gettting more and more excited by his lovely Damsel in , and loves her so much that he in the end gets too excited …….Sweet Dreams Sweet Layla. Buy Lucha Girls Wrestling’s 1607-Masked Man Meets Layla” and watch the mayhem unfold!

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