A Lucky n Carry

A Lucky n Carry – Another Lucky Adventure
featuring Mean Tempered Latina Jezabel Romo vs Unlucky Irish Lucky O’Shea ~ Poor Young Lucky is constantly getting bullied and harassed by 20 year older Jezabel – who hates younger, prettier woman around reminding her that she is aging! So she deviously plots & plans new ways to hurt and mind fuck Lucky! In this clip, Jezabel tricks Lucky into coming down to the dojo for a training session. Poor unsuspecting and quite gulliable Lucky shows up and sees drinks sitting out with a Danger – Do Not Drink sign posted. But of course she thinks its just a silly prop and takes a drink! Now she is lethargic and woozy, just how Jezabel wants her, as she laughingly comes out of hiding as Lucky is helplessly on the ground! She teases and taunts her, showing her total control of Lucky’s body and proceeds to lift & carry her around the grappling mat, all the while talking and insulting the poor girl! When Lucky starts to awaken, Jezabel simply applys a on her and makes her pass out again for more abuse at the hands of the older, embittered bitch Jezabel! Does Lucky escape or will she be the next sacrafice to the Voodoo King, as Jezabel has planned for her demise! Or does Lucky find the will to escape the clutches of Jezabel? 
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