Lucky and Claudia want to fight for you in 1455-Bitch Brawls 1 – Fightin for My Man!

Hey Wrestling Lovers,

We brought back 2 of the most , feisty female wrestlers, Lucky Oshea currently known as Crystal Clark vs Claudia del Solis.  Both sexy sassy pro wrestles are ready to fight for the exclusive rights to their ass worshipping man in LGW’s 1455-Bitch Brawls 1 – Fight For My Man!  Check out this sass talking, hard hitting pro wrestling catfight exclusively at Lucha Girls Wrestling!

1455-Bitch Brawls 1 – Fightin’ for My Man!

Lucky O’Shea (aka Crystal Clark) vs Claudia del Solis 

In this match up, we have 2 hot pro wrestling ladies ready to battle it out for the love of the same man, a playboy who is using both of our girls to satisfy his lustful urges and love for the female ass and now they must fight for their right to have their man all to themselves! They start off doing a bit of “ass comparison” on who has the better ass – the luscious hot tempered Latina Claudia del Solis or the perky yet irresistible Irish lass Lucky O’Shea. They battle back and forth, each girl holding her ground and not wanting or desiring to give up their beloved ass worshiping lover. They neck grip, slap, smack, wedgie, crotch shot, punch and kick! Applying painful body stretches they moan and scream in agony. But only one girl can win this war and soon one girl takes over and starts brutalizing and pummeling the other outside the ring, using the posts as painful crotch stoppers and more! Who finally can take no more and thinks the love of their ass loving man is too much to handle? Who will give up and who will fight to the finish for her man? Buy LGWs 1455-Bitch Brawls 1 – FIght For My Man and fantasize that you are the man these 2 lil she cats are fighting for!!!

Time Limit ~ 19 min  /  Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters